Sleep apnea is a state of recurring blockage of the airways that reduces the quantity of air that gets to the lungs, which in turn results in the interruption of breathing when sleeping.

Now there are various forms of sleep apnea, but if you’re someone who suffers as a result of excess mucus production (rhinitis), than the good news is that you might be able to eliminate some of your symptoms through diet.  (This also might apply to people in your life with snoring issues-you’re welcome 😉

Before we get to the juice recipe, it’s important to note that certain foods can cause more problems in the mucus department than they’re worth.  So, if you’re suffering from sleep apnea due to rhinitis, than try to avoid the following foods-especially in the evenings. 

  • Foods that are fried.
  • Chocolates
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Foods that are processed.
  • Foods that contain sugar and flour.
  • Diary Foods.

 Another thing to keep in mind is that large amounts of food at night can contribute to digestion problems and excess mucus production.  So keeping your larger meals earlier in the day is also best advised.  

Now for the juice recipe… This juice recipe has been floating around the web for awhile.  It was originally created to stop snoring due to allergies and congestion.  Why does it work?  Well, according to the promoters of this drink, the ingredients (as long as you aren’t sensitive to any of them) will help clear your body of excess mucus and provide a sort of “flush”. Some people go as far as to do a whole detox and use this juice as a main staple in trying to clear their entire body of bad-mucus-causing-stuff.

Regardless, if you suffer from serious snoring or sleep apnea, it can’t hurt to try it.  Here’s what the creators of the drink suggest. 


  • Two Apples
  • Two Carrots
  • One piece of Ginger.
  • A quarter (1/4) of a melon.



Blend the ingredients together and take it just a couple of hours before going to sleep or in place of your last meal.